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Listen to episodes from “The Retirement Guy” with Larry Roby, which was on 1510AM WLAC.


Larry Roby is a golf-loving “Numbers Nerd” with a passion for education. Each week, Larry would discuss a different topic or current event that directly affects senior adults and makes it easy to understand and apply to your own financial situation. And if you’ve already retired and have perhaps made some mistakes along the way, Larry shared a few “Money Mulligans” each week that could help you repair the damage. “The Retirement Guy” really lets his personality shine with his helpful “Larryisms.” He also sometimes gives away seats to his monthly educational workshops, held all over Middle Tennessee.

“My objective is to make this show fun and somewhat entertaining, but also to get you information that you can use!”-Larry Roby

Below are some of Larry’s past radio shows for your listening pleasure: